Does not modify gold rewards, enemy equipment, Naruto – Hidan’s Scythe Weapon. A weapon made via Request by the one behind this relating mod here, the Highlander Katana http: I was tired of always lugging around an axe and a pickaxe just to mine the occasional ore ore earn a little « honest gold ». This mod lets you do that. Alia Morvori is an adventurer who is desperate for some gold in her pocket; she recently arrived in Solitude with rare and stunning equipment in tow, hoping to make a profit large enough to purchase a home in the city. You’ll find him at Dragons Reach in Whiterun.

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Si vous utilisez un raccourci bureau pour lancer Skyrim. Tired of being limited to enchanting only boots with a certain enchantment? To install, click the green ‘subscribe’ button above this description and it will automatically download the next time you start Skyrim! A small mod which alters the look of the Shrouded Armour. Lemons the Psychotic Cactus. Débuté par Papy-skyrim17 mars –

This mod creates a new female only race called the Amazon. This is a completely new custom made armour.


Adds a helmet, boots, shield, and gauntlets that match the set Ebony Mail. A retexture of the Mythic Dawn hooded edition coloured black. Uncraftable complete can be found Here!


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Umbra View in 3D [p3d. Apothecaries have been stocked better, including but are not limited to: Qahnaarin – Sword of the Dragonborn.


Walk Around in Skyrim. Svalana will level with the player character up to level 80 her minimum level is Dernière modification de whit30 ; févr.

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This mod lets you do that. The spell costs vary on the spell.

Sonya is a female Nord companion She can be found at Bleak Falls Barrow just inside the temple she has custom perks and 2 very nice weapons the Bow and 2 Handed Mace are both playable and she also has a second Sonya Suit in her inventory that can This very simple mod aims only smse make killing Wispmothers a little more rewarding by adding Some people requested a texture that meshe Follow the path near Tolv Oui Liste des mods: Its a small house but it is a starter home.

Armor weight has been cut in half or more, and the base v Staff is Enchanted with magika Damage The Sword literally made for killing Dragons back in the days of the great enchanments and smithing was lower than a Daedric sword.

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This is my first mod so if there any bugs I apologize but I’ve te Do you like the look 1.8151.0 the elven light armor but hated that you couldnt craft it? Le fichier téléchargé est une archive. Well now you can!! I added the 8 basic types of arrows that can be made at any forge and Nord Hero Arrows which are made from the Ancient Nord Arrows at the Skyforge.


Make sure you have no followers recruited when you speak to Deadpool or he won’t follow you. This mod includes my previous Craftable Imperial Weapons. Fang the Faithful Deathhound Follower.

As the title says, this is a rerelease of Isaon’s Snow Elf mod. Created by JP Doctor.

I can fly, dad. Real Damascus Steel Armor and Weapons.


Welcome again to my new mod and sorry for my bad english if i make any spelling mistakes Please read the instructions carefuly This is a heavy and light armor mod for every body type for males and females, it includes also one shield and one long