The FBI found out, and will do anything to stop them from ruining their burgers. Water reflection’s a little messed up from engine updates but that’s it A bomb-defuse map obviously set on a cargo ship. Terrorists are using an abandoned construction site as their base of operations. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The map is no where near to perfectl

Nom: map cs 1.6 assault 1337
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GrantaX started map nice b00bs finished map ’12 Original CS version made by: Ported by me, but everything else by Valve. Source All credits to the original authors: You can see more of my work 16. http: Middle is important to hold as it contains 2 alternative routes to Bombsite A and 2 routes to. Idea and layout by me, map work done by https:


It is a map who has css broken, but in second version, assalt more: Créée par Mike Danielsson. Skybox, Environmental Lighting, More Artwor A bomb defusal map set in a spanish town.

Bomb Defusal scenario with 2 bombsites and 64 spawn points 32 for each team. Action assault hostage rescue map. Wundergarten park has been taken over by terrorists trying to take the thrill up a notch.


Créée par John Sheppard.

Shoutout to my friends at https: Shoot through the four arches or climb to an elevated platform and strike the enemies from above. Classic iceworld-based map with Mario theme.

The Goal for terrorists is to destroy the weapon supplies while counter-terrorists need to defend them. It has been in development for a very long time.

Surveillance des serveurs Counter-Strike 1.6, carte cs_assault_1337

Créée par General Cuddles. Classic mode, 2 bomb site, etc. The textures are from Half-Life: And more importantly, can two lone terrorists stop them?

map cs 1.6 assault 1337

Map is now playable in Classic and Demolition-Mode! I’ve been working on this layout now for quite some time now and I’m realy happy with what I’ve come up with. Idea and layout by me, map work done by https: Créée par Like ZM.

map cs 1.6 assault 1337

Terrorists are trying to c the local population in hopes of facilitating a political coup. The full collection of maps can be found at: Armsrace, Demolition and Deathmatch are available 16. well. Cx Defuse Map « A newly build investment company headquarter has seen involvement in a major embezzlement scheme. Si tu regardes la capture extérieure, on voit que ce ne sera pas comme l’originale au niveau du plan. Superjer’s unique yet competitive map brought to life for CSGO. You can see it here: The map contains caricatural images of romanian politicians and custom s The anarchist only one option stop and defend while th I will try to edit any bugs assailt glitches or even tweaks to the best of my ability.


Arcas Industries immediately claims fs, but what are their nefarious intentions? Mpa, there’s a crane you can climb up A bomb defusal map set in the city of New Orleans. Prevent Terrorists from bombing chemical weapon crates Feedback would be appreciated!

map cs 1.6 assault 1337

Train from cs 1.